Shiraz Media

To Respect the Root

Shiraz Media is an innovative platform launched by Saeed Setoodeh, aimed at showcasing the rich cultural heritage and hidden gems of his hometown, Shiraz. This platform encompasses various features, including a podcast, video cast, album of old photos, and a documentary, all designed to highlight the beauty and significance of Shiraz.

The podcast series on Shiraz Media offers captivating interviews with famous and influential individuals from Shiraz. Through these interviews, listeners gain valuable insights into the lives, achievements, and contributions of these individuals, creating a deeper connection to the city and its people.

The video cast section of Shiraz Media presents visually engaging content that explores the captivating aspects of Shiraz. This includes stunning visuals of historical sites, cultural events, and natural landscapes, providing viewers with a virtual tour of the city’s diverse attractions.

One unique feature of Shiraz Media is its album of old photos, showcasing rare and nostalgic images that reflect the city’s rich history. By preserving and sharing these photographs, Shiraz Media offers a glimpse into the past and allows viewers to appreciate the cultural heritage and evolution of Shiraz.

The primary objective of Shiraz Media is to bridge the gap between locals and foreigners by promoting a better understanding and appreciation of Shiraz. By providing comprehensive and immersive content, the platform enables Shirazians to rediscover their city’s hidden treasures and encourages foreigners to explore and engage with Shiraz’s cultural offerings.

Additionally, Shiraz Media aims to create an informative and captivating documentary on Shiraz. This documentary will delve into the city’s history, architecture, arts, and traditions, offering a comprehensive perspective on the unique identity of Shiraz. It will serve as a valuable resource for both locals and tourists, fostering a deeper appreciation for the city’s cultural and historical significance.

In conclusion, Saeed Setoodeh’s launch of Shiraz Media is a commendable initiative to promote the beauty and cultural heritage of Shiraz. Through its podcast, video cast, album of old photos, and forthcoming documentary, Shiraz Media provides a platform for locals and foreigners alike to explore, appreciate, and connect with the city’s captivating history, people, and attractions.