Shiraz University

E-commerce Platform

This executive summary outlines the concept of launching an e-commerce platform at Shiraz University, spearheaded by Saeed Setoodeh. The proposed platform aims to provide a comprehensive marketplace for university students to showcase and sell their handcrafted products. Additionally, it offers an educational component that includes art courses like painting and pottery, as well as business courses such as the entrepreneur’s mindset, marketing, finance, and digital marketing. This marketplace serves as an ideal platform for university students to generate income while pursuing their education.

saeed setoodeh
saeed setoodeh

The Shiraz University e-commerce platform offers an innovative solution to empower and support the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of university students. The key features and components of the platform include:

  • Student Seller Accounts: Each student has their own dedicated page as a seller, where they can create and manage their product listings. This allows them to showcase their handcrafted products effectively, providing a personalized and professional online presence.
  • Product Upload and Photo Gallery: Students can effortlessly upload photos of their artifacts, providing potential buyers with an immersive visual experience. The photo gallery showcases the craftsmanship and uniqueness of each product, attracting customers and increasing sales potential.
  • Art and Business Courses: The platform includes an educational section that offers various art courses like painting and pottery. Additionally, it provides business courses to equip students with essential skills such as the entrepreneur’s mindset, marketing strategies, financial management, and digital marketing techniques. These courses enhance the overall learning experience and enable students to develop valuable skills for their future endeavors.
  • Income Generation: By utilizing the e-commerce platform, university students gain the opportunity to generate income by selling their handcrafted products. This financial support allows them to manage their educational expenses, gain practical entrepreneurial experience, and foster a sense of independence.


The Shiraz University e-commerce platform aims to create a vibrant marketplace that fosters creativity, entrepreneurship, and skill development among university students. By providing a dedicated platform for students to showcase and sell their products, coupled with the opportunity to access art and business courses, the platform aims to empower students to cultivate their talents, gain real-world experience, and generate income during their education.

Through this initiative, we strive to create a supportive ecosystem within the university, encouraging students to explore their creative potential, develop business acumen, and foster a sense of self-reliance. The Shiraz University e-commerce platform envisions a future where students can seamlessly integrate their passion for art and entrepreneurial aspirations, creating a successful and fulfilling educational journey.