National Cultural Heritage Festival

The National Cultural Heritage Festival is a remarkable celebration that shines a spotlight on the intangible heritage of a nation. This captivating event serves as a platform to honor and preserve the rich cultural traditions, practices, and expressions that are passed down from generation to generation. With a primary focus on intangible heritage, such as oral traditions, performing arts, rituals, craftsmanship, and culinary traditions, the festival brings together communities, artists, and cultural experts to showcase and celebrate these invaluable aspects of a nation’s identity.

Shiraz Media

Shiraz Media is a captivating platform dedicated to showcasing the rich culture and historical significance of the city of Shiraz. Through engaging podcasts, videocasts, and other forms of digital content, this platform brings to life the essence of Shiraz, preserving its urban identity for future generations. With meticulous attention to detail, Shiraz Media takes its audience on a virtual journey, unraveling the stories behind the city’s iconic landmarks, cultural traditions, and historical sites.

Mahoot Startup Studio

Mahoot Startup Studio is a dynamic and innovative content studio that serves as a creative powerhouse, producing a wide range of captivating multimedia content. With a diverse team of talented professionals, Mahoot excels in crafting engaging podcasts, video casts, and audio books that entertain, inform, and inspire audiences.

Shiraz University E-commerce Platform

The Shiraz University e-commerce platform is a transformative initiative that empowers students to showcase and sell their products and services in the digital realm. This innovative platform provides a comprehensive range of services, creating a seamless online marketplace for student entrepreneurs.

Chortkeh Festival

Chortkeh, the vibrant university festival, is a celebration of creativity, entrepreneurship, and student innovation. With its primary focus on promoting handmade products crafted by talented students, Chortkeh provides a platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their business ventures and startups. This festival serves as a springboard for students to transform their passions into profitable enterprises, as they gain valuable experience in running their own businesses.